About Us

Well it finally happened, my worst nightmare as a hairstylist, I fell down the stairs in our new house and broke my wrist....what do I do now?  Well, after the surgery, yeah...and three different casts, I promptly became bored waiting to for my wrist to heal.  Looking for things to do I started cleaning out my closet and noticed that I had some nice things that I never wear, did you know we only wear about 1/3 of our clothes in our closet?  Anyway, I thought why not try to sell some of the nicer things online, make a little cash since I wasn’t doing anyone’s hair with a cast on right?  So I got all organized, took a few pictures, came up with descriptions and prices and posted them online and then I waited......well they started selling, people were buying and giving me great feedback so happy with their purchases and the best part, I make a little money, they get a great deal and the land fill gets zero!  Totally hooked, my cast came off and I kept selling, I love garage sales and thrift stores, hunting for that diamond in the rough and well now I had a reason to hunt all the time!  

I have become better at it as I go and I have pretty good luck and good eye, plus I roped my daughter in to help me so it’s way more fun.  I love doing this, I believe this is the answer to fast fashion, the items I find tend to be higher quality so even second hand they will last longer and now we can all afford to have really nice things, and the best part you get to help save the planet, yay!  

I have lots of big ideas were I want this to go, for now I have this, Im working on a brick & mortar boutique and I hope to get involved with some women’s groups, see were I can help.....stay tuned and please feel free to contact me, salvagedbydesigns@gmail.com, I love to here from clients and am open to all feedback, thanks again, have a beautiful day.